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Urbll Mood Blends 🌿

Our 7 proprietary Mood Blends are handcrafted using all-organic herbal ingredients that work together to help achieve a desired mood-state

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Superfood Powders 🌿

Individual Herbs 🌿

Urbll herbs are guaranteed to be fresh, authentic, and organically grown exclusives 🌿

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Such a fantastic purchase!! Excellently packaged, arrived quickly, but still more than I expected! This was my introduction to herbal teas and blends and I already feel like I've found the top mark! Highly recommend!

I roll mine up... It's a relaxing feel!!! I got the Egyptian Blue Lotus with the Lucid Dreams... its been amazing!!! Will definitely be ordering from here again. Thank you so much!!! Yall rock.

My friend absolutely loved the tea! She mentioned that the herbs tasted incredibly fresh, and she could feel all of its wonderful properties. Plus, it was beautifully packaged. Thank you so much! Amazing customer service.

These herbs were very high quality and very satisfying when used. the customer service was incredible and i was deeply appreciative to the owner’s attention to detail. my favorite part of the package was the adorable little spoon. it makes me feel like a small mouse in a little mushroom house enjoying my foraged meals. i am very happy with this product. thank you :3

Awesome mother and daughter shop, awesome product, and speedy shipping! Also, the little extra that they include with your order from other blends is very sweet of them. And I can't forget the wooden spoon! Thank you so much, I'll be ordering from this mother daughter duo again soon. Much love

William U.
Ricky M.
Viannie B.
Cole O.
Seven L.