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Earl Grey Tea • Organic

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100% Organic Earl Grey • Camellia sinensis

Organic Earl Grey Tea is a distinguished blend that harmoniously combines the robust, full-bodied taste of premium black tea with the bright, citrusy essence of bergamot oil.

The black tea leaves in this blend are organically grown and processed without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, ensuring a pure and natural product.

Well-balanced and smooth, with the citrusy sweetness of bergamot adding a refreshing, slightly tart finish that lingers pleasantly. This sophisticated blend offers a perfect cup for any time of day, whether enjoyed plain, with a splash of milk, or with a slice of lemon to accentuate its unique citrus notes.

This exquisite whole-leaf tea originates from the renowned Korakundah estate in the Nilgiri region of southern India, one of the highest elevation tea plantations in the world, nestled amidst verdant forests and flowing streams at 8,000 feet above sea level. Certified organic, fair trade, bio-dynamic and rain forest alliance, Korakundah has a strong history of producing high-quality, potent teas.

For the best results when steeping black tea blends, use fresh filtered water. This blend features an organic black tea base with large leaves, allowing for a longer steeping time compared to more delicate black teas, such as Darjeeling, or broken leaf teas. Notably, the black tea base is Nilgiri tea, known for producing a fuller-bodied cup with higher caffeine content.

1. Add 1-2 tsp tea to tea bag or infuser
2. Steep in 6-8oz hot water for 3-5 minutes
3. Optional: Add any milk, lemon, honey or sweetener of your choice
4. Sip and enjoy ♡


Antioxidant Properties

  • Rich in Antioxidants: The black tea base of Earl Grey contains a high level of antioxidants, particularly polyphenols and catechins, which help combat oxidative stress and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

Heart Health

  • Improves Cholesterol Levels: Regular consumption of black tea can help lower LDL cholesterol levels and improve overall heart health.

  • Reduces Blood Pressure: Some studies suggest that black tea may help in reducing blood pressure, contributing to cardiovascular health.

Digestive Health

  • Aids Digestion: The tannins in black tea can help soothe digestive issues and reduce inflammation in the gut.

  • Antimicrobial Properties: The bergamot oil in Earl Grey has antimicrobial properties that can help maintain a healthy digestive tract.

Mental Health and Cognitive Function

  • Boosts Mental Alertness: The caffeine content in black tea can enhance alertness and concentration.

  • Reduces Anxiety and Stress: Bergamot oil has calming effects and can help reduce anxiety and stress levels.

Weight Management

  • Supports Weight Loss: The combination of caffeine and catechins in black tea can boost metabolism and support weight loss efforts.

Immune System Support

  • Boosts Immunity: The antioxidants and vitamins in Earl Grey can strengthen the immune system and help ward off infections.

Oral Health

  • Improves Oral Health: The polyphenols in black tea can inhibit the growth of bacteria in the mouth, reducing the risk of cavities and bad breath.

Skin Health

  • Promotes Healthy Skin: The antioxidants in Earl Grey tea can help fight free radicals, which can lead to healthier, more radiant skin.

Energy and Mood Enhancement

    • Enhances Mood: The combination of caffeine and the natural properties of bergamot oil can provide an energy boost and improve mood.

• Loose by the Ounce:
This tea is available by the ounce and comes in a stand-up holographic bag with a see-through front.
• Glass Jar: Coming Soon

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