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Yellow Lotus PETALS • 1KG BULK

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This listing is for 1kg Yellow Lotus - Nelumbo lutea petals


For bulk orders of our Lotus varieties, the petals + stamen will come in clear, non-descript packaging. The product photo is just to show what the flowers look like, not the actual packaging of our bulk products. If you have any questions regarding bulk orders, please send us an email at

Nelumbo lutea, commonly known as the American lotus or yellow lotus, is a plant with various parts that have been used traditionally for their potential health benefits. While scientific research on the specific health benefits of Nelumbo lutea tea is limited, it is believed to offer some potential advantages based on the traditional uses of its components. Here are some potential benefits associated with Nelumbo lutea tea:

  1. Antioxidant Properties: Like other lotus species, Nelumbo lutea is believed to contain antioxidants, such as flavonoids and polyphenols, which may help protect cells from oxidative stress and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

  2. Relaxation and Stress Reduction: Lotus teas are often consumed for their mild calming and stress-relieving effects. Drinking Nelumbo lutea tea may help promote relaxation and reduce anxiety.

  3. Digestive Health: Some people use Nelumbo lutea tea to support digestive health. It is believed to have mild digestive properties and may help alleviate digestive discomfort or indigestion.

  4. Detoxification: Lotus teas are sometimes associated with detoxification and cleansing benefits. They are thought to aid in the removal of toxins from the body, although scientific evidence supporting these claims is limited.

  5. Potential Anti-Inflammatory Effects: Some compounds found in Nelumbo lutea may have anti-inflammatory properties, which could be beneficial for conditions characterized by inflammation.

  6. Traditional Medicinal Uses: In traditional medicine systems, various parts of the Nelumbo lutea plant, including the leaves and roots, have been used for their potential medicinal properties. These uses vary among different cultures and may include the treatment of specific ailments.

  7. Weight Management: Some people believe that Nelumbo lutea tea may help with weight management by supporting metabolism and digestion. However, more research is needed to confirm these claims.


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