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Blue Dagga Blend • Organic Tea

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This color-changing, mind & body soothing, antioxidant Blue Dagga Blend is a terrific companion to those looking to wind down after a long or stressful day. The herbs in Blue Dagga have been traditionally used to improve mental wellbeing, calm the mind and body, increase creativity, and promote healthy skin, hair & digestion. The presence of klip dagga in this blend is also traditionally believed to promote relaxationalleviate stress and anxiety, and act as a mild sedative.

Crafted with 100% organic ingredients, "Blue Dagga Blend" is free from artificial colors, flavors and additives, ensuring a pure and natural tasting experience. Ideal for moments of reflection or a peaceful break in your day, this tea is best enjoyed hot to unlock the full spectrum of flavors and aromas.

• Glass Jar: Holds approximately 1oz Blue Blend with a twist-on, air-tight lid
• Loose by the Ounce: .5oz, 1oz, 2oz, 4oz and 8oz stand-up bags

• Organic Blue butterfly pea flowers - Clitoria ternatea
• Organic Egyptian blue lotus petals + stamen - Nymphaea caerulea
• Organic Klip dagga petals - Leonotis nepetifolia

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Please remember, herbal regimens are not one-herb-fits-all, as they may affect everyone differently. It's important to educate yourself thoroughly about any herbs and their potential contraindications before adding them to your herbal regimen. We ask that you please consult a physician about any medical-related concerns you may have before adding any new herbs to your regimen. The information provided on this listing is for educational purposes only. These products and claims have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration; therefore we do not claim to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.